The Nigerian Law School was set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1962. The aim of the institution was to provide for the local needs the then foreign trained lawyers and to provide the much needed practical training to those aspiring to become Legal Practitioners in Nigeria .

The Lagos Campus was set up and was later to moved to its current location in 1969. The headquarters was then relocated to Abuja in 1997. The Institution has graduated over 70,000 students, a lot of whom are now successful Lawyers, Judges and Citizens.

Law School Lagos Campus is one of the prestigious Law Schools in Nigeria today. It boasts of staff student and faculty bound together by the common interest of law in practice with the sole aim of achieving excellence. Its mission is to prepare every student for the various challenges, responsibilities and rewards of a legal professional. Its educational environment promotes individual and collective innovative research in relation to practice.Asides the institutions educational achievements, its vibrant environment boosts the social and interactive skill of each individual especially as the community comprises of students from different ethnic backgrounds.

Law School Lagos Campus still lives up to its prestigious name. It has in the past produced leaders and is still producing leaders, in various works of life, who champion law as an instrument of change to the society.


The vision and core values of the school are held at high esteem, with a beautiful future in mind, the school strives year after year uphold her values and live up to her vision to build lawyers of value and character.


Renowned for her protegees who have over the years proven to be expatriate in their various areas of specialization, the school is dedicated towards instilling the essential psychological, academic and social knowledge necessary for survival and excellence in the real world. the school has alumni association that ensures alumni stay connected. go to the alumni link on the directory page to visit the alumni site.


The atmosphere of the campus inspires consistent thirst for knowledge while planting the seed for research excellence among staff and students.

We recognize the fact that every passing day legal decisions are made and information is needed to make legal decisions. The various Legal research done on campus involves identifying and retrieving necessary information to support legal decision making and most importantly to provide results with the potentials of propelling the legal world forward.


As a federal Government managed institution, recruitment and training of staff are over seen by the relevant arm of the government, the build a career with the school, necessary Governmental process are to be followed.

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Our graduates are contributing at the highest levels in their chosen professions.





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